Health Fair Online Planning Guide

As part of its work to better leverage campus/community partnerships to help reduce disparities in health in racial and ethnic minority communities, the BRITE Center produced a series of reports and resources funded by the Office of Minority Health at the National Institutes of Health.

A key focus of the project was student-led community health fairs and the Center worked with students at UCLA to create an online resource guide to assist universities, students and community groups when planning Health Fairs within Los Angeles County. While the focus of the project was on a specific location, the guide illustrates general steps to consider when planning a health fair. For students and universities in Los Angeles, the guide provided additional resources that highlight particular health needs and health beliefs of specific population groups within the county. The guide includes community health assessments that can be used by community organizations to monitor and identify health disparities at the community level,  as well as tools to conduct behavioral health education and health promotion (e.g., helmet safety, infant car seat usage, violence prevention); health promotion materials in several languages; and health fair activities for children.

Health Fair Resource Online Guide

About the Reports and Resources in this Series

This series was funded by the a grant from the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities at the National Institute of Health in an effort to explore ways to increase the effectiveness of community health outreach activities in the University of California and other university systems. Project reports include:

• Report Brief – A National Student Volunteer Health Corps Would Help Meet Critical Community Needs [links to report]
• Engaging Student Health Organizations in Reducing Health Disparities in Underserved Communities Through Volunteerism: Developing a Student Health Corps [links to report]
• Living the Good Life: Screening for Health — Report on the Outreach and Academic Preparation of the Undergraduate Student Health Organizations of the University of California and Comparison Universities [links to report]
• Living the Good Life: Screening for Health — Student Health Organizations Needs Assessment Report [links to report]