Get Involved

The BRITE Center relies on members of diverse communities and cultures to work with us during our research study design and fieldwork, at our health fairs, and in other ongoing initiatives. Please check back for upcoming listings of opportunities to be an active part of the center’s work.

Upcoming and Ongoing Studies

African-American Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

The UCLA BRITE Center is seeking African-American males ages 18-30 to helps us learn more about what happens in the brain when someone treats you badly or unfairly just because you are an African American male. Participants will fill out a questionnaire and perform a short computerized task and will receive $20 in cash as a thank you. Learn more

Korean Youth Smoking Cessation Study

BRITE Center research study is seeking Koreans ages 18-19 to serve on our advisory board regarding a study of smoking among Korean youth. Learn more