Current Projects

Below is a list of the BRITE Center’s many open and ongoing projects. The center also has a number of research studies in the field at any time. To view a list of recently completed studies and reports, see the Publications section. Completed training materials, curriculum and videos can be found in the Education, Training and Volunteerism section of the site.

We are often looking for volunteers to help with our work and participants for our studies. If you are interested in volunteering, please click here. If you receive a call about any one of our studies we hope that you will participate and help us improve health in diverse communities.

List of Projects

The California Quality of Life Survey (CalQOL)
This survey studies a cohort of the California Health Interview Survey that was oversampled for sexual minorities. Research concentrates on mental health issues; experiences with hate crimes and victimization; everyday experiences with discrimination; and levels of social support and involvement. Results thus far have important implications for the allocation of public funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment, among other findings. Learn more

Developing Data for the Community and the Field
The BRITE Center has sought to ensure that hard-to-reach populations and communities are better represented in scientific research. For past projects such as BLACK C.A.R.E and WHISPERS, center staff paired innovative outreach with research study design to capture important data on ethnic and racial minorities who were also lesbian, gay or bisexual, helping to shed light on the needs of these populations. Learn more

Improving Our Current and Future Health Workforce – How to Engage with Diverse Communities
As part of its research on workforce diversity and training, the BRITE Center studied how to improve the hands-on training that students in health-related fields receive within communities and assessed opportunities to include diversity and cultural competence in health-related training. Learn more

Creating a Student Volunteer Health Corps
A national student volunteer health corps, modeled on the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corp and the Medical Reserve Corps, would bring needed preventive services into underserved communities. Learn more


Advancing Mental Health Practice
The BRITE Center conducts ongoing research into the emerging issues facing racial, ethnic and sexual minorities’ mental health needs to determine how their emotional well-being is affected by the social, behavioral and biological determinants of health in their communities and among their families. Learn more

Redefining First Responders in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery
The BRITE Center’s ongoing New Orleans Mental Health Education and Training Project brings together faith leaders, community leaders, women’s organizations, and health and mental health experts for training in how to become first responders. Learn more

Engaging the Community in Research
The BRITE Center trains current and future researchers on the ethics and responsibilities of working with ethnic minority populations; and empowers community leaders and organizations to be active participants in survey design and implementation. Learn more