NPR – Women and Post-Disaster Depression

Interview with BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays and New Orleans resident Viola Washington on the stress caused by disaster and paths to recovery.

The New Yorker – Counting Japan’s Dead

Women in Los Angeles County are becoming less healthy, and their well-being is expected to decline further because of the slumping economy and other factors that deter access to better food and exercise, according to a sweeping study released Wednesday.

Pasadena Star-News – Startling New Statistics on Women’s Health

BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays is quoted in an article on a Los Angeles County survey of more than 3,500 women, including women 65 and older, those with disabilities, and women who defined themselves as bisexual or lesbian.

Thousands Attend NIH Summit on Eliminating Health Disparities

(Psychological Science Agenda) Center Director Vickie Mays participated as a panelist in two workshops—one concerning the collection of data on race and ethnicity, and the other on the next decade of HIV in the United States.

NPR – Racism’s Physical Impact

Interview with BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays on the link between race and the shortened life expectancy of African American men.