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Center Director Vickie Mays Receives Career Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays received the Career Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award from the UCLA Academic Senate for her contributions in research, student development, and community service through research that focuses on women and ethnic minorities and community-based curricula that creates pathways into research and higher education for underrepresented communities. The award Learn more…

BRITE Center Recruiting Koreans Ages 18-19 for Advisory Board Position

BRITE Center research study is seeking Koreans ages 18-19 to serve on our advisory board regarding a study of smoking among Korean youth. If interested in serving on our advisory board, please send us an email with your name and contact information.

Seeking African-American Males Ages 18-30

The UCLA BRITE Center is seeking African-American males ages 18-30 to helps us learn more about what happens in the brain when someone treats you badly or unfairly just because you are an African American male. Participants will fill out a questionnaire and perform a short computerized task and will receive $20 in cash as Learn more…

Bruins stand in solidarity with Mizzou students protesting racist incidents

Hundreds of students, faculty members, staff and alumni rallied in front of Powell Library Thursday afternoon, supporting students at the University of Missouri who are protesting racially charged incidents on their campus. The Afrikan Student Union, which led the rally, and faculty members spoke to a crowd of 200 about the similarities between racial issues Learn more…

Racism and African-American Men

BRITE Center Director was recently quoted in an article out of the San Francisco Bay View newspaper. The article brings attention to the understudied problem of the real effects on physical health racism and discrimination can have. The BRITE Center is currently seeking men ages 40 and older who have experienced racism and have a Learn more…

UCLA Program Aims to Help Local Women at Risk for Heart Disease

As part of a UCLA-sponsored program which aims to understand how mobile phones and smartphones can be used to empower individuals to make lifestyle changes, several ladies from the Faithful Central Bible Church congregation were given a smartphone app to help them achieve their own heathy lifestyle goals. The app used each of the lady’s eating Learn more…

The Myth Of Mental Illness And Gun Violence

Center Director Vickie Mays mentioned in FORBES opinion piece on “Mental Illness and Reduction of Gun Violence and Suicide: Bringing Epidemiologic Research to Policy” article in Annals of Epidemiology.

Experts Urge WHO to Stop Classifying Sexual Orientation Issues as ‘Disorders’

A working group evaluating the International Classification of Diseases, the World Health Organization’s standard diagnostic tool, has recommended that sexual orientation–related disorders be deleted from the publication’s disease classification system. The group, which includes UCLA Fielding School of Health professor Susan D. Cochran, says the removal of these disorders will make getting health care easier Learn more…

Rivers Remarkable in Guiding Clippers through Owner Sterling’s Scandal

Center Director, Vickie Mays, offers praise on Rivers’ Handling of Donald Sterling scandal.

Mental Illness, Gun Violence, and Gun Policy

Scholars say that, overall, gun violence can be reduced by instituting a risk-based approach to firearms possession and purchases.

Healthy Living Project

Date: Saturday, May 31, 2014 Time: 10AM-1PM Where: Mar Vista Gardens Community Center Prizes! Fun for the whole family! Learn to train your dog! Raffles! Come learn how to live a more positive and healthy lifestyle while also being visited by some very cute and lovable service animals.      

BRITE Students Antonio Shallowhorn and Justin Kwok Selected to Present at Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC)

The Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC), was established in 1992 by Dr Elizabeth Bjork to give students an opportunity to develop their presentation skills and share their research efforts with peers and colleagues. Since then PURC has steadily grown in the number of applicants and in visibility and now includes students from across the country doing research Learn more…

Center Article Receives Recognition as Most Cited

A new report published in the Journal of Black Psychology lists an article published in 1994 by Center staff as being one of the most highly cited articles to be published in the Journal of Black Psychology. The report is a twelve year content analysis of articles published in the Journal of Black Psychology from Learn more…

Ethics & Behavior Special Issue

The Legacy of the U. S. Public Health Service Study of Untreated Syphilis in African American Men, in Health Care Reform and the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act

Science 2.0 – Gays, Bisexuals Twice As Likely To Seek Mental Health Or Substance Abuse Treatment

Article highlights work by Center researcher Susan Cochran and Director Vickie Mays.

Cal State San Bernardino receives $4million NIH grant for health disparities research

Vickie Mays asked to serve on advisory board of grant to create a center to promote research and training on health inequities found among differing racial, economic and ethnic groups in the United States.

amfAR – Letter to Secretary Sebelius on Research and the National Strategy

Dr. Mays was one of over 30 academic researchers and leaders in AIDS research and treatment that signed on to a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services asking for an increase in HIV/AIDS and health research funding across federal agencies.

Los Angeles Daily News – Aid May Help Save Lives of Babies

Dr. Mays was interviewed for this article on the high infant mortality rate among African American women in Los Angeles county.

American Psychological Association – Science Leadership Meeting Send Psychologists to Capitol Hill

Dr. Mays moderated a panel on intervention research at the meeting for members of Congress.

Institute of Medicine Committee Releases New Healthy People 2020 Indicators

BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays contributed to recommendations for 12 indicators and 24 objectives to guide a national health agenda.

Dr. Mays Op-Ed in the New York Times: How to Close the Race Gap in H.I.V.

Center Director Vickie Mays contributed to the New York Times’ recent debate on how public health officials can fight the spread of H.I.V. among young gay black men.

Professor Mays to Fill Seat on the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
Dr. Vickie Mays Appointed to New Institute of Medicine Committee

Work will review systems for HIV/AIDS care.

Christian Science Monitor – Closure Eludes Tornado-Beaten Joplin Amid Search for the Vanished

BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays quoted in an article on disaster recovery in Joplin, MO. 

Black Women’s Health Imperative – Discrimination Contributes to African American Health Disparities

Article covers report by BRITE Center researchers Dr. Vickie Mays, Susan Cochran and Namdi Barnes on race-based discrimination and health. 

NPR – Women and Post-Disaster Depression

Interview with BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays and New Orleans resident Viola Washington on the stress caused by disaster and paths to recovery.

The New Yorker – Counting Japan’s Dead

Women in Los Angeles County are becoming less healthy, and their well-being is expected to decline further because of the slumping economy and other factors that deter access to better food and exercise, according to a sweeping study released Wednesday.

Pasadena Star-News – Startling New Statistics on Women’s Health

BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays is quoted in an article on a Los Angeles County survey of more than 3,500 women, including women 65 and older, those with disabilities, and women who defined themselves as bisexual or lesbian.

Thousands Attend NIH Summit on Eliminating Health Disparities

(Psychological Science Agenda) Center Director Vickie Mays participated as a panelist in two workshops—one concerning the collection of data on race and ethnicity, and the other on the next decade of HIV in the United States.

NPR – Racism’s Physical Impact

Interview with BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays on the link between race and the shortened life expectancy of African American men.

Los Angeles Times – The Toll of Racism? The Stress of Discrimination, Real or Perceived, May Be Shortening Black Men’s Lives

BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays is quoted in article about the physiological response to racism.

Jet Magazine – Research Shows that Racism May Affect the Health and Medical Care of Blacks

Article quotes BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays and references BRITE Center research on interventions to lessen the negative impact of discrimination on health.

The Boston Globe – How Racism Hurts – Literally

Article quotes BRITE Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays and cites BRITE Center research on the brain’s circuits and structures during laboratory conditions of discrimination and whether responses vary based on lifelong exposure to racial prejudice.