Center Director Vickie Mays Receives Career Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

Center Director Dr. Vickie Mays received the Career Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award from the UCLA Academic Senate for her contributions in research, student development, and community service through research that focuses on women and ethnic minorities and community-based curricula that creates pathways into research and higher education for underrepresented communities. The award recognizes faculty, administrators, students, and staff who are especially successful in the fair and open environment the Office of the President strives to promote across the UC System. Read more…

BRITE Center Recruiting Koreans Ages 18-19 for Advisory Board Position

BRITE Center research study is seeking Koreans ages 18-19 to serve on our advisory board regarding a study of smoking among Korean youth.

If interested in serving on our advisory board, please send us an email with your name and contact information.

Seeking African-American Males Ages 18-30

The UCLA BRITE Center is seeking African-American males ages 18-30 to helps us learn more about what happens in the brain when someone treats you badly or unfairly just because you are an African American male.

Participants will fill out a questionnaire and perform a short computerized task and will receive $20 in cash as a thank you.

If interested, please send us an email to the with your name and contact information.


Bruins stand in solidarity with Mizzou students protesting racist incidents

Hundreds of students, faculty members, staff and alumni rallied in front of Powell Library Thursday afternoon, supporting students at the University of Missouri who are protesting racially charged incidents on their campus.

The Afrikan Student Union, which led the rally, and faculty members spoke to a crowd of 200 about the similarities between racial issues at the University of Missouri and UCLA. They also chanted “Black Bruins Matter” with posters and fists held in the air.

Read the full article here

Racism and African-American Men

BRITE Center Director was recently quoted in an article out of the San Francisco Bay View newspaper. The article brings attention to the understudied problem of the real effects on physical health racism and discrimination can have. The BRITE Center is currently seeking men ages 40 and older who have experienced racism and have a story to tell. If this sounds like you or someone you know please call 707-928-4041. Volunteers will receive a $10 gift card as thanks.

To read the full article “Racism and African-American Men: Killing without a Gun”, please click here.